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Swansea City Mission, at its heart, is an organisation built on the foundations of faith, unity, and community support. The logo for this organisation was crafted to encapsulate its essence, the spirit of Swansea, and the organisation’s Christian roots.

The Cross at the Centre The cross holds a significant place in Christian faith, symbolising the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the salvation of humanity. By positioning the cross at the centre of the logo, we emphasise that faith and Christ’s teachings are central to the mission and endeavours of Swansea City Mission. It serves as a constant reminder that the organisation’s actions are deeply rooted in Christian principles.

Stained Glass Window: The idea of depicting the logo with the semblance of a stained glass window draws inspiration from churches, traditionally the gathering places for Christian communities. Stained glass windows are not merely decorative; they often narrate stories and embody the values, beliefs, and history of a community. By giving the logo this texture, it represents the organisation’s spiritual and community-driven nature and desire to communicate a bright message of hope.

Four Coloured Squares:
   – **Grey/Navy**: This colour represents the city of Swansea. Just as a city forms the structural hub for its residents, this square symbolises the community that the mission serves and the urban landscape in which it operates.

   – **Turquoise**: Swansea is bordered by the sea, a defining feature of its geography. The turquoise symbolises the sea, a reminder of the beauty, depth, and vastness of the city’s natural surroundings. This can also subtly signify the boundless possibilities and potential the mission sees in every individual it assists.

   – **Yellow**: The yellow square embodies the beaches of Swansea, bright and inviting. This represents the hope and warmth the organisation brings to the lives of those it touches. Just as the beach is where land meets sea, it’s a transitional space, symbolising the transformative journey the mission facilitates for many.

   – **Orange**: A vibrant, warm colour, orange represents the mission itself. It conveys enthusiasm, encouragement, and determination. This colour is a tribute to the unwavering spirit of the organisation in its pursuit to better the lives of the people in Swansea.

The Swansea City Mission logo is a blend of faith, nature, urbanity, and purpose. Each element has been incorporated to reflect the organisation’s core faith, its connection with Swansea, and its commitment to the community.

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